Best in Tent Camping: New Mexico, 5 Stars
Author Monte Parr is an exceptional writer whose  descriptions of New Mexico and its sites and history would make even the “I hate camping” person go anyway. Those who are avid campers and outdoorsmen will know and respect what he has to say.  A must own handbook and resource guide, chock full of stats, maps, facts.

Adventures  in Camping
A Quick Intro to the Wilderness,  5 stars
By Dee S. El-Tek: Monte Parr’s Adventure’s  in Camping: A Resource Guide is a great buy if you’re looking for an easy  read that will open the doors of the wilderness. Monte relates both  practical camping know-how with endearing personal stories to illustrate how  simple and fun camping can be. If you want to get the family together and  take a short drive to another world, then I highly recommend Adventures in  Camping. It’s faaaaaaaantastic!